Ways to Advance and Grow

Take advantage of the world class research and educational institution right here in your own backyard to grow your business or organization. NIU offers consulting, professional services and tailored training for your employees to help you keep up with the latest developments and stay relevant in a changing world. While NIU has countless partnerships and training programs across the universities, here are a few examples of ways NIU works with organizations near and far.

Center for Governmental Studies

For more than 50 years, NIU’s Center for Governmental Studies has worked with local governments, state and federal agencies, professional associations and nonprofits to help them make smart, sustainable innovations. CGS offers a wide range of consulting, research and training services, including organizational studies, leadership and governance training, survey research, workforce development and economic impact analysis.

College of Business

NIU’s College of Business offers consulting, partnership and educational opportunities designed to help your organization thrive. You can benefit from the external perspectives, extra research horsepower, unbiased recommendations and general business knowledge NIU Business students and faculty can offer.

Continuing and Professional Education

Your employees’ knowledge is your greatest resource as a business owner. NIU Continuing and Professional Education is proud to offer custom training to your employees related to safety, OSHA standards, project management, facility management or human resources. Submit a proposal for the training you need, and we’ll response with a custom course to be delivered at your location.

Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies

The Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies is committed to the growth and development of civil society through research, community engagement and training the next generation of community leaders. The center provides nonprofit organizations with many ways to build their capacity so they can better meet their mission including consulting, internships, research assistance and monthly free webinars for nonprofits professionals and volunteers.

Northern Illinois Center for Nonprofit Excellence

Located at NIU Rockford, the Northern Illinois Center for Nonprofit Excellence (NICNE), provides training and resources to strengthen nonprofits that make communities in our region safer, healthier and more vibrant.


Nonprofits are a big part of our community.  40TUDE Nonprofit brings together the expertise of NIU students and faculty, local business owners and experienced nonprofit and marketing professionals to provide affordable professional marketing and consulting services to local organizations.

Statistical Consulting Services

The NIU Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science offers statistics support and consulting for businesses and other organizations. Services include short-term statistical analyses, long-term collaborative research and assistance in preparation of grant proposals.

Geovisual Mapping Services

The Department of Geographic and Atmospheric Science’s Geovisual Mapping Laboratory offers mapping services for your organization, including three dimensional GIS maps, 3D animations and holographic images. Contact Director Philip Young at pyoung@niu.edu to learn more about how the lab can help your business.

ddiLab (Data, Devices and Interaction Laboratory)

The faculty and students at NIU’s ddiLab will analyze your organization’s data or public available data sets, and then transform that data into user-friendly graphs, maps and other images to enhance your presentations, reports and other communications. For more information, email ddilab@mail.niu.edu.

MAC Lab (Molecular Analysis Core Laboratory)

NIU’s MAC Lab provides testing of small molecules, biopolymers and proteins, with services ranging from structure determination to quantitative and qualitative analysis of sample mixtures, to intact molecular weight determination. Contact Director Elizabeth R. Gaillard at gaillard@niu.edu to learn more about how the lab can help your business.

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