NIU Molecular Analysis Core (MAC) Laboratory

The Northern Illinois University Molecular Analysis Core (NIU MAC) Laboratory serves as a premier research resource that primarily offers analytical and instructional expertise in mass spectrometry (MS). We offer a wide selection of mass spectrometry services to the NIU research community as well as external academic and non-academic researchers.

Our primary aim is to provide access to state-of-the-art MS instrumentation to meet the needs of users' research interests. Other spectroscopy, chromatography, and thermal analysis instruments are available.

NIU MAC is located in La Tourette Hall 304 and managed and supported by the Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships (RIPS). The MS instrumentation and services offered by NIU MAC are available to academic (NIU and non-NIU) and non-academic users after appropriate new user registration and training.

To register as a user, please complete the user registration form and key card access agreement.

Learn more about the NIU MAC agreement (PDF)policies and scheduling.


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments sponsors NIU MAC as part of its SPARQ (Shimadzu Partnership for Academics, Research, and Quality of Life) program. The SPARQ program provides top tier maintenance and service contracts for the instruments for the lifetime of the partnership. The facility houses a suite of MS instrumentation for characterizing small molecules through to large (ca. 2 MDa) polymers and biopolymers.

Publication Acknowledgment

If you include work provided by NIU MAC in a publication, please acknowledge the facility by including: "This work was supported by Northern Illinois University's Molecular Analysis Core which was established with support from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments." 

If you include data collected on the Bruker MaXis Plus QTOF, please acknowledge NSF by including: "This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1726931."

Please send the citation for any published work, title of grant applications and agency, dissertation or thesis titles, posters, presentations to

Contact Us

Elizabeth R. Gaillard, Ph.D.
Lab Director and Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Michael Vega, Ph.D.
Lab Manager