How to Recruit

NIU has countless partnerships and internship programs across the university, the region and the world. Here are a few key places to begin when you’re interested in recruiting interns or full-time workers. NIU career fairs and other employment programs help you reach the best and brightest students and recent graduates in a wide variety of fields.

We also recommend reaching out to individual colleges or departments to find students with skills and interests that match your needs.

Career Services

NIU Career Services offers events throughout the year to help you connect with students ready to work for your organization. Register for career fairs, post open positions and take advantage of a variety of recruitment services.

Huskies Get Hired

Huskies Get Hired connects students and alumni who are seeking internships and jobs with employers who have open positions. As an employer, you can request free access to the Huskies Get Hired system to post jobs and internships, view candidates’ materials, schedule interviews and invite applicants to apply for your position.

Experiential Learning Center

The College of Business’s Experiential Learning Center lets you sponsor a team of four to eight students. They’ll consult with you to solve problems and provide fresh insight into your business issue, and you’ll get to see them in action as you engage in a 16-week job interview of some of our brightest students.

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