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How do I add a file to a Thread in a Discussion Forum?
Files can be added either through the Text Editor, which has an option to attach a file, or by clicking on the "Browse My Computer" button below the Text Editor.  Both options will allow all users to attach a file to a Discussion Board Thread.
How can I set up my discussion board forums so I get an email when students add a new thread or reply to a post?

Discussion board forums include a "subscriptions" feature, which you can enable for both you and your students, to notify you of recent activity. To enable subscriptions on a forum, and to subscribe to it:

  • Go to the "Edit Forum" page:
    • If you're creating the forum, first add its title and description, then click Next
    • If you have already created the forum
      • Click on the Discussions link in the course menu (or the "Discussion Board" link under Course Tools) to pull up the list of discussion board forums in your course
      • Next, place your mouse cursor over the forum you want to enable Subscriptions for, click the drop-down menu icon next to its title, then select Edit
  • On the Edit page, scroll down to the Forum Settings area. You should see a number of options under "Subscribe". From there, you can choose to allow yourself and your students to receive email updates ("subscribe") either to individual threads within a discussion (in the case where you only want to follow particular conversations), or to the forum as a whole (so you receive an email every time a student posts something new, without having to subscribe to every thread a student starts).
  • After you click the radio button next to the option you prefer, click the Submit button. You’ll be taken back to the list of forums.
  • Lastly, click on the forum you just enabled subscriptions for, and, once it's open, click the Subscribe button (located just above the list of threads, right next to the "Create Thread" button)

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