About NIU Police and Public Safety

Police Operations

Our fully-trained and certified police officers work 24/7 to protect and serve the NIU community. Learn more about how our department partners with the community, protects life and property, responds to medical emergencies and conducts investigations to keep our staff, students and community members safe.

Public Safety Operations

Our public safety operations support and complement our crime prevention and investigation operations. Our public safety personnel include dispatchers and security guards. We work together to maintain a safe environment at the university and to assist in emergency situations and investigations.

Support Services

Our team is proud to provide the highest level of support services and documentation management. We empower our community by offering courses in first aid, CPR, rape aggression defense and emergency management. We give university and community members as well as community partners the resources they need to stay safe and respond in an emergency. 

Internal Affairs

Your feedback is vital to help us meet our goal of service to our community. We are committed to provide the highest level of police service to maintain your trust and confidence in our police department.

Your comments are essential to identify the areas where our policies, practices and training excel or need improvement. There is always a supervisor on duty to address an immediate concern.

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