Concealed Carry

Guns are prohibited on campus. The state of Illinois passed the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act which allows qualified people to carry a concealed firearm in Illinois. However, the state's concealed carry legislation prohibits the carrying of firearms on college campuses, including NIU.

Concealed carry permit holders are not allowed to possess or carry a weapon or firearm while visiting, attending class, working or residing on NIU’s campuses in DeKalb, Naperville, Rockford and the Lorado Taft Field campus. The only individuals who are allowed to possess a gun on any NIU campus are sworn law enforcement personnel.

The NIU Department of Police and Public Safety offer voluntary weapon storage while a concealed carry permit holder is on the NIU campus in DeKalb. The storage lockers can secure both pistols and long guns. The temporary storage lockers are in the NIU Police Department located at 375 Wirtz Drive, DeKalb, Illinois.

If you are found in possession of a gun while on campus, you are subject to arrest and criminal prosecution, as well as possible expulsion from the university and/or termination from employment. If you believe a person is in violation of this prohibition, please call the NIU Department of Police and Public Safety at 815-753-1212 and do not intervene.

Please call 911 immediately if you feel you are in imminent danger or 815-753-1212 if you see a gun on campus (in a non-threatening situation).

We encourage you to learn more about these laws and regulations through the following helpful resources: