Patrol Division


When you call the NIU police, you will be greeted by one of our friendly patrol officers. The NIU Police Department’s Patrol Division is the visible face of the department and the uniformed police officers you see each day around campus. They are responsible for the majority of community interaction. They are the eyes and ears who respond to calls and help in an emergency as they strive to keep our campus community safe.

The main duty of a patrol officer is the protection of life and property. We aim to deliver the best possible customer service to the community through our work. Our Patrol Division can be seen doing any of the following:

  • Proactive patrol in police vehicles, bicycle and foot patrols
  • Traffic control
  • Emergency medical services
  • Building access
  • Motorist assistance
  • And more!

Our patrol officers are here for your protection. Feel free to ask them questions, alert them of suspicious activity on campus, and call on them for help. Be sure to listen to them when they are directing you during campus events or emergency situations.