Internal Affairs


At the NIU Department of Police and Public Safety, we have the paramount goal of providing service based on our C.A.R.E. model. This means we look to our community for feedback on how we are doing. It is essential to keep the community involved to have an impartial evaluation to provide exceptional service. We pride ourselves on being responsive to the community’s needs.

We encourage our community members to voice their opinions regarding any members of our police and police and public safety staff. Your comments help us identify the areas where we excel or need improvement.


Compliments can be sent in any manner to the department. Ultimately, compliments will be noted in the employee’s personnel file and possibly qualify them for nomination for an inter-departmental award. We appreciate community feedback and look forward to hearing from you.


An allegation against an employee of the NIU Department of Police and Public Safety is a serious event for both the complainant and the employee. All parties involved deserve a complete, unbiased and timely investigation. Complaints may be filed by calling the department, filling out an online complaint form, or by visiting us in person.

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