Bike Patrol

Bike Patrol serves as an extremely versatile tool for public safety officers. It effectively bridges the gap between vehicle patrol and foot patrol. Bikes can be operated on streets, sidewalks, and alleys which make them well suited for patrolling in parking lots, campus and residential areas, especially during athletic and community events, such as football games, festivals, or other times when there is a lot of foot traffic on campus.

Bike Patrol helps us quickly respond to law enforcement and emergency medical needs. An officer on a bike is able to navigate through congested and crowded areas more easily than a car and faster than an officer on foot. Officers can arrive more quickly and secure the scene. Officers will use their EMT training in medical emergencies to be the difference between life and death in some situations.

Bike Patrol officers are a highly mobile, visible presence, in areas that are normally inaccessible to automobile patrol. The officers are easily approachable and are well suited for community oriented policing efforts. In addition to law enforcement, Bike Patrol officers promote bicycle safety on campus and in the community.