Training and Workshops for Fraternity and Sorority Students

Fraternity and sorority members have access to unique learning opportunities through exclusive workshops. We partner across the university or beyond to connect students with education and resources at the request of chapters. In addition, fraternity and sorority members are required to attend mandatory training sessions each year.

All-community Meeting (August)

At the beginning of each fall semester, all fraternity and sorority members are required to attend their respective all-fraternity or all-sorority meeting. Past topics have included:

  • Bystander behavior
  • Protecting the Pack
  • Social media training
  • Policy conversations
  • Alcohol use and safety
  • Sexual assault and consent
  • Responsibilities of members

Important dates, expectations and other reminders are also covered during this meeting.

New Member Training

Every semester, Fraternity and Sorority Life staff members facilitate helpful mandatory training for all new members of fraternities and sororities. To accommodate as many students as possible, these sessions are offered multiple times a semester on different days of the week.

During new member training, past topics have included:

  • Composition of NIU's Greek community (four councils)
  • Cultural awareness (FSL culture, campus culture, multiculturalism)
  • Huskie Hub (formerly Huskie Link) for managing events
  • Perception of fraternities and sororities nationally and at NIU
  • Values and expectations of Huskies in FSL
  • Social media use and misuse
  • Hazing (what it looks like and how to report it)
  • Protecting the Pack by following guidance related to COVID-19<
  • Sexual assault and consent
  • Alcohol and drug use/abuse<
  • Social events policies (on and off campus)

Additional Training and Resources

Each chapter can use the resources listed below to schedule training for their members. Fraternity and Sorority Life also strives to provide additional resources for fraternity and sorority members in partnership with the campus community.

Student Wellness

  • Alcohol awareness programming
  • Stress management information sessions
  • Sexual health programming
  • Healthy relationships
  • Violence prevention

ACCESS Tutoring and Support Services

  • Tips for academic success
  • Individual and group tutoring
  • Academic success presentations

NIU Police and Public Safety

  • First aid and CPR classes
  • Self-defense training
  • Other training sessions and safety resources

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