About Fraternity and Sorority Life at NIU

What does it mean to be a member of Fraternity and Sorority Life at NIU? Huskies in 41 organizations across four councils shaped the answer.

Student leaders chose and defined the values of service, scholarship, siblinghood, leadership and cultural awareness for our community:

  • Service: Unselfish concern and advocacy for others through the donation of time or money.
  • Scholarship: Prioritizing, planning and taking responsibility for high academic achievement as members and chapters.
  • Siblinghood: The process of providing equitable resources, opportunities and creating an inclusive environment for coexisting harmony and appreciation of each other while holding each other accountable.
  • Leadership: Resilience and passion for member work for their chapter, council, student organization or other activities on or off campus.
  • Cultural Awareness: Understanding and accepting each other's cultural differences and identities.

We work to uphold these principles by encouraging responsible academics, collaboration among chapters and education on diversity and equity.

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