Introducing Six New Degree Programs

From undergraduate to graduate, online and on campus, NIU’s new academic programs span the realms of sport, technology and health.

Consider whether one of the following six degree programs may be right for you.

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    sport management trip

    Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

    Available fall 2019

    Our Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education (KNPE) will offer a rare undergraduate-level degree in Sports Management starting fall 2019. This program prepares you to work behind the scenes in a variety of settings — from professional franchises to college athletics, parks and recreation, and other sports-related firms.

    The new program complements our one-of-a-kind minor in Sport Sales and gives you more options than you’ll find at other state universities like ISU, WIU, Northwestern and DePaul — all of which only offer Sports Management at the master’s level. Whether you want to enter the workforce with your bachelor’s or continue on to your master’s, you’ll graduate with the benefit of our network of Chicagoland’s many sport organizations.

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    biomedical lab

    Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

    Available fall 2019

    Also coming fall 2019, our College of Engineering and Engineering Technology is collaborating with the Department of Biological sciences to offer a new Bachelor of Science program in Biomedical Engineering. Biomedical engineers create everything from medical equipment to health care software.

    There’s a growing demand for these jobs in Illinois, but few universities around Chicago — the nation’s third-largest metropolitan area — are offering programs in this evolving field. Huskies already have several engineering programs to choose from — with electrical, mechanical, industrial, systems and technology emphases.

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    Online Master of Science in Digital Marketing

    Available now

    Our Master of Science in Digital Marketing is the first fully online program offered by our College of Business. Designed for the speed of life, this degree allows you the flexibility to balance work and family commitments by enrolling on either a full- or part-time basis.

    Are you a working professional seeking upward mobility? The rapidly growing field of digital marketing is expected to account for nearly half of all advertising spending by 2021. You’ll graduate from the program with not only in-demand, leading-edge skills, but the training to keep them current by earning certifications.

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    data analytics

    Online Master of Science in Data Analytics

    Available now

    Did you know NIU was the first public university in Illinois to launch a fully online-accredited Master of Science in Data Analytics? This program prepares you for a confident career in just about any realm guiding strategic business decisions based on data.

    Courses are offered in a unique 10-week format, and you can complete the program full-time in as little as a year. If you’re not in a rush, part-time attendance offers you even more flexibility — you can even begin the program in the fall, spring or summer semesters.

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    Master of Science in Health Sciences

    Available now

    We’ve added a Doctorate of Philosophy in Health Sciences to our academic programs within the last few years, and 2018 saw the addition of a Master of Science to bridge between our B.S. and Ph.D. programs.

    Our Master of Science in Health Sciences prepares you to work in leadership roles in a variety of professions related to the medical field, or continue on to your doctoral degree. You’ll learn how to be a culturally aware leader, communicate across disciplines, measure the quality of health services and conduct evidence-based analysis.

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    computer science

    Doctorate of Philosophy in Computer Science

    Available now

    Do you dream of being a prominent researcher or authority on computer information systems? You can now take our Computer Science program all the way from the baccalaureate and masters level to a doctorate of philosophy.

    Choose from six exciting areas of emphasis: artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, data science, graphics and visualization, high-performance computing or machine learning. Your Ph.D. will prepare you for a plethora of job choices in the public and private sectors.

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