Advanced Professional Endorsements

High school principal in office

Accelerate your career by pursuing a professional educator license (PEL) in an administrative or support area, or by adding an advanced endorsement to your initial PEL.

Chief School Business Official

Our online School Business Management Program will prepare you to obtain the chief school business official endorsement.

Director of Special Education

Prepare to add the director of special education endorsement to your PEL with a Director of Special Education Certificate of Graduate Study.

Library Information Specialist

Get ready to begin or advance your library career with our online program leading to the library information specialist endorsement.


Learn how to add a principal endorsement to your PEL with a master's degree in educational administration - principal preparation.

Reading Specialist

Prepare to add the reading specialist endorsement to your PEL with a master's degree in literacy education - reading.

School Counselor

You can make a difference in students' lives as a school counselor. Learn how our licensure program can help you obtain the school counselor endorsement.

School Psychologist

Take the next step in your career with the school psychologist endorsement. Learn about our school psychology program.

Speech-language Pathologist

Learn about obtaining your speech-language pathologist endorsement as you pursue a master's degree in communicative disorders - speech-language pathology.


Prepare to add the superintendent endorsement to your PEL with an Ed.S. degree in educational administration - superintendent preparation.

Technology Specialist

Learn how to add the technology specialist endorsement to your PEL with our online master's degree program in instructional technology.

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