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High school administrator

NIU provides information about the performance of our teacher candidates on state-mandated licensure tests. We also make available an estimate of the additional costs incurred by candidates as they complete licensure programs. Please find this information below.

Obtaining a first professional certificate or license in any profession takes a great deal of training and education. There are some very real costs associated with it as well. Becoming a teacher requires multiple expenditures throughout your program of study, and we want you to be aware of them to help you plan and achieve your goal of becoming a teacher.

The total costs are not trivial, but they are a required part of the overall expense of joining the profession. While we cannot predict all contingencies (having to take a test multiple times, needing more than one criminal background check, etc.), to the best of our ability, these are the estimated costs associated with becoming a teacher in Illinois:

Time Frame Requirement Expected Cost
Sophomore Year
One criminal background check (CBC) (ISBE-mandated) $65 (average fee, although these fees vary widely)*
One tuberculosis test (TB test), at University Health Services $10 (if you opt for your own insurance plan or use student insurance; costs higher if obtained elsewhere)
Junior Year Illinois State Board of Education, content test (paid to Pearson/NCS) $135, computer-based administration
Two criminal background checks (CBC) (ISBE-mandated) $65 (average fee)/total: $130
One tuberculosis test (TB test), at University Health Services $10
Senior Year Illinois State Board of Education, additional content test for additional endorsement area or second field (paid to Pearson/NCS) $135, computer-based administration
One tuberculosis test (TB test), at University Health Services $10
Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) (paid to Pearson) $300
One criminal background check (CBC) (ISBE-mandated) $65 (average fee)
One physical (from provider of your choice) $30-$70 (average fee)
End of Program Teaching license registration fee Once you have graduated and/or completed your program, you will have to pay the ISBE $100 to activate your teaching license.
Total Costs $1,030 over three years

If you have any questions about these costs, please speak to your program advisor, to the Financial Aid Office, or to the University Office of Educator Licensure and Preparation.

*While we have included four CBCs in our estimates, some programs are structured so that students may be required to have as many as 10, adding an additional $390. All costs for CBCs are estimates only and vary widely by placement sites.

Candidates in Licensure Programs (2017-2018)

Academic Strength
Candidates at Program Entry
Scores Undergraduate Graduate
Average high school GPA 3.42 3.33
Average transfer GPA 3.36 2.83
Average undergraduate GPA 3.19 3.62
ACT Composite 23.50 23.07
Program Completers
Level NIU cumulative GPA of program completers
Undergraduate 3.59
Graduate 3.89
Candidate Diversity

42.6 percent of undergraduate candidates are Pell Grant eligible.

Race NIU overall All Educator Licensure at NIU
Undergraduate Graduate Undergraduate Licensure Graduate Licensure
American Indian/Alaskan Native 0.13% 0.09% 0.09% N/A
Asian 5.39% 6.78% 2.08% 1.49%
Black or African American 15.76% 6.27% 2.89% 1.98%
Hispanic or Latino 17.88% 7.52% 4.07% 1.73%
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander 0.1% NA 0.27% NA
Two or More Races 3.66% 2.64% 9.67% 8.66%
Unknown 2.24% 15.9% 5.06% 13.37%
White 54.85% 60.79% 75.86% 72.77%

80-100% of licensure program candidates passed the content area licensure test in 2017-2018 (rates vary by program).

98% of NIU licensure candidates passed the edTPA in 2017-2018.

Licensure Program Completers (2017-2018)

Employment in Illinois Public Schools the following year (2017-2018): 77%.

92.4% of NIU graduates teaching in Illinois public schools were rated at proficient or higher in their first year of teaching.

Performance Evaluation Demonstrated Teaching Skills/
Impact on K-12 Students (as first year in-service teachers)
Excellent 18.7%
Proficient 73.7%
Needs Improvement 6.4%
Unsatisfactory 1.17%