Are you a returning educator or out-of-state educator? Learn more about subsequent endorsements and licensure.

Faculty, instructors and advisors, view required forms for completing disposition or a student licensure recommendation

If you already have a teaching license in the State of Illinois, please select the topic you're interested in learning more about:

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Are you a professional with a teaching license outside of Illinois? We're happy to connect you with resources.

  • If you already have a teaching license in a state other than Illinois, view the requirements from the Illinois State Board of Education.
  • You will need to submit your credentials to the state for evaluation. Review the Illinois requirements (see page 3) for each teaching area.
  • As part of the package of credentials you submit to the state, you will need assistance from the institution where you completed your licensure program in completing the Completion of Standards form. The form must be completed with the university/college seal and returned directly to the Illinois State Board of Education.

Learn more about resources for NIU faculty, instructors and advisors who are completing a disposition or licensure recommendation for a student.

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