AI Guide Quick Start

Brief Overview

Pressed for time? This guide will prepare you to understand the basics of Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT/GPT-4, set your course syllabus statement and policies, understand AI ethics and bias concerns, and practice prompting exercises so you can make informed choices on whether or not to use AI in your classroom.

Step 1: Overview of Generative AI (60 minutes)

Watch Drs. Ethan Mollick and Lilach Mollick’s “Practical AI for Instructors and Students,” Wharton School YouTube Channel:

Step 2: Bias Concerns (60 minutes)

Read/watch these resources:

Step 3: Syllabus and Policy Statements (20 minutes)

Read/review these resources:

Step 4: Citing Guides (10 minutes)

Review these resources:

Step 5: Prompt Generation (40 minutes)

Read these resources:

Portions of this toolkit were developed by Western Michigan University's WMUx Teaching and Learning Team and adapted with permission for NIU by the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning

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