Create an Account and Access Your Course via Blackboard Training and Development Manager

NIU's Blackboard Training and Development Manager platform provides access to non-credit courses and programs that are offered in NIU's instance of Blackboard. You can create an account, browse the public catalog of courses, enroll in courses, access courses, and view your progress and history all from the same system.

The account creation process is intended primarily for users who are not affiliated with NIU and do not have NIU credentials (i.e., an A-ID or Z-ID). The instructions below provide detailed information for creating an account, accessing TDM, and enrolling and participating in a TDM catalog course.

If you need additional support or would like more information about how TDM may address your non-credit needs, please contact CITL at

TDM requires that your browser and operating system permit the use of third-party cookies. Use these instructions to enable third-party cookies.

  1. Navigate to and click the Sign Up. If you do not see this page and instead see an error message, check that you have enabled third-party cookies.

    TDM Screen Image of Sign Up link in TDM Environment

  2. Enter your email address and date of birth. Click the slider to agree to the terms of service and privacy policies, then click the Submit button. 

    TDM Screen Image of User ID Creation

  3. Using another tab or device (so that you can leave the TDM window open), check the email address you used for an automated message with the subject TDM Security Token. Enter the security token code in the field in TDM and click the Submit button. 

    TDM Screen Image of Email with Confirmation Code

    TDM Screen Image of Verification Message

  4. Complete the Personal Information Screen and click Create Account

    TDM Screen image of Create Account Form

  5. Then click the Login button or the Sign In button to open the Login page.

    TDM Screen Image of Sign In link

  6. Select Log in with your Blackboard TDM Account, enter the email and password you used in the account creation process and click the SIGN IN button. Use the Forgot Password? link if you need to reset your password.

    TDM Screen Image of Login Page
  1. On the Catalog page, click a module panel to see additional information or enroll. If necessary, use the search or category filters to locate the proper offering.

    TDM Screen Image of Course Panels
  2. To enroll, click the Enroll Now button. Then, from the enrollment success dialogue, click Go to My Dashboard.

    TDM Screen Image of Enroll Now button

    TDM Screen Image of Success Message and Go to My Dashboard button

  3. From your My Dashboard page, click Continue Course to open your course.

    TDM Screen image of Continue Course button

  4. Use the instructions provided in the Blackboard course to get started. Click My Dashboard to return to your TDM My Dashboard page or Sign Out to sign out of your module and TDM.
  1. After your first account creation and module enrollment, access your TDM modules and enroll in additional modules or courses by navigating to and click Sign In. Remember, if you do not see the TDM catalog page and instead see an error message, check that you have enabled third-party cookies.
  2. Course panels on the My Dashboard page will display your current, past, and future module enrollments and course progress meters.  
  3. If a course has an associated certificate, the certificate will be available on this page after completing required activities and assignments in the course.

    TDM Screencapture of Progress Meter and Certificate button

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