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How do I attach a banner to my Blackboard course?Updated

To upload a banner into a Blackboard course, you need to have a properly-sized banner created. For Original Course View, banners should be no larger than 1000 x 150 pixels. For Ultra Course View, banners must be at least 1200 x 240 pixals; we recommend 4800 x 960 to ensure your image is crisp as the screen is resized. Banners must be created and sized outside Blackboard and should be uploaded as a .png or .jpg file.

To add a banner in Original Course View:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and click Customization, then select Teaching Style
  2. In the adjacent window, scroll down to Section No. 7, Select Banner
  3. Click the Browse My Computer button and select the banner image that is stored on the computer
  4. Click Submit

To add a banner in Ultra Course View:

  1. Click the Edit display settings link under the Course Image heading in the Details & Actions panel
  2. Click the Upload new image button
  3. Find and select your image
  4. Drag the image and the zoom sliders to select the view you would like to be visible
  5. Click the slider in the upper right to enable the image as your course banner (otherwise, it will only be used as the course card image on the Courses page)
  6. If there is important content in your image, add text to the Image description field
  7. Click the Save button


What file format(s) will Blackboard accept for a course banner image?Updated

Blackboard will accept a variety web-friendly image formats. It is recommended to use banner image files in either .jpg or .png format. For Original Course View, we recommend 1000 x 150 pixels, and for Ultra Course View we recommend 4800 x 960 pixels (1200 x 240 pixels is the minimum). 

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