Formal Student Grievance

If a student believes a university employee has engaged in unprofessional or inappropriate acts or decisions which adversely affected the student in the academic or educational setting, they may file a formal student grievance. Please review the Student Grievance Procedures (PDF) before filing the formal student grievance.

A formal student grievance may not be filed for the following:

  • Sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment and Title IX matters)
  • Discrimination or harassment based on a protected class (e.g., sex, gender, race, national origin, religion, disability, age, etc.) or retaliation
  • Grade complaints, grade appeals, or issues concerning academic misconduct
  • Incidents involving violence or threats of violence
  • Any other matters that are expressly covered under other university, Board of Trustees, state, or federal procedures

Prior to filing a formal student grievance, please review the Student Grievance Procedures (PDF) to ensure you have completed all required informal resolution procedures.

File a Formal Student Grievance

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