Undocumented Student Ally Training

We invite you to join us for undocumented student ally training. By learning how to support our undocumented students, you can help create a welcoming campus and encourage cultural and intellectual diversity at NIU.

Sessions are offered each semester. You'll learn about:

  • State and federal legislation that affects undocumented students.
  • Educational, economic and psychological challenges faced by undocumented students.
  • Campus and community resources that support undocumented students and improve their educational experience.

Register for Undocumented Student Ally Training

Your Role as an Ally

As an ally to undocumented students, you'll:

  • Learn about the legal rights of undocumented students and support their right to enroll in schools and universities.
  • Listen to undocumented students with an open mind and keep your communications with them confidential.
  • Avoid revealing a student's undocumented status without their permission and help them reveal it at their own pace.

Here are some additional actions you can take:

Presentations and Training

The Office of Undocumented Student Support is available to conduct presentations or training to NIU classes, student organizations, departments, schools, mental health professionals and community organizations.

Though we can't guarantee availability for all requests, our goal is to connect with as many undocu-allies and supporters as possible.

Request a Presentation or Training

  • For on-campus requests, we ask that you submit your form at least two weeks before your preferred request date.
  • For non-NIU requests, we ask that you submit your form at least three weeks before your preferred request date.

Note: Non-NIU requests will be charged a presentation or training cost. The cost of presentation/training varies based on the type of presentation and duration.

Request Presentation/Training

Please allow three business days for a response.

If we are not able to accommodate your request, our office offers an UndocuAlly training every semester that is open to faculty, staff, students and community members.

Contact Us

Undocumented Student Resource Center
Northern Illinois University
Campus Life Building 230
545 Lucinda Avenue
DeKalb, IL 60115

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