About the Undocumented Student Resource Center

Northern Illinois University, as reflected in its vision statement, is a community of diverse people, providing access for a broad spectrum of students with a climate of respect for all. We, as an institution, intentionally address emerging, complex issues surrounding undocumented students.


Presidential Task Force

Understanding the importance of the recruitment, retention and success of undocumented students, NIU President John G. Peters commissioned the Presidential Task Force for the Support of Undocumented Students in 2013. At that time, NIU was viewed by many of its peers as a progressive institution that had already taken important steps to champion the needs of this important population. The development of this task force was an important component of that commitment, a commitment which continues today throughout our campus.

"Sanctuary Campus" Request

In December 2016, NIU faculty, staff and students petitioned administration to have the university adopt a "sanctuary campus" designation. In January 2017, NIU issued a response to the request for "sanctuary campus" designation.

Ongoing Support Initiatives

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