Notary Public

There are several notary public on campus. If you need to have something notarized, we recommend you set up an appointment with one of the individuals listed below. To ensure availability contact the notary public by phone or email. If you have a change or addition to the list, please email

If you need a notary for an apostille of your transcript or diploma, visit Diploma and Transcript Authentication (Apostille).

Altgeld Hall

Frances Mitchell
SPS Council/Operating Staff Council
Altgeld 103
Note: on campus Monday - Friday

Deb Gomez
Administration and Finance
Altgeld 235
815-753-1023 by appointment only

Davis Hall

Felicia Owens
Department of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences
Davis Hall Room 118
815-753-0631 by appointment only

Engineering Building

Carol McFarland McKee
College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
Engineering Building 321B
815-753-0126 by appointment only

Human Resource Services Building

Sandy Hess
Human Resources
HR Building
815-753-6050 by appointment only

Lowden Hall

Karinne Bredberg
VP Research and Innovative Partnership
Lowden Hall 301
815-753-1125 by appointment only

Linda Carlson
Sponsored Programs Administration
Lowden Hall 203
815-753-1576 by appointment only

Jay Monteiro
Procurement Services and Contract Management
Lowden Hall by appointment only

Reavis Hall

Lise Schlosser
Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality
Reavis Hall 103
815-753-1038 by appointment only

Watson Hall

Jen Schroll
Mathematical Sciences
Watson Hall 320 by appointment only

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