Sport Management, M.S. Student Learning Outcomes

College Education
Major Sport Management
Degree M.S.
Date Revised November 2014

Student Learning Outcomes and Proposed Methods for Collecting Data (from Assessment Plan)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Content Knowledge: Apply management, leadership, and organizational concepts, principles, and theories in directing a sport organization.
  2. Research Experience: Design, analyze, and evaluate research in sport.
  3. Comprehend Legal Aspects: Understand, apply, and analyze legal concepts related to sport.
  4. Understand and Apply Marketing Principles: Construct and utilize marketing concepts and principles in marketing sport.
  5. Current and Timely Issues in Sport: Identify and analyze the current issues and problems facing sport.
  6. Applied Financial Principles: Apply fiscal management practices in managing a sport organization.
  7. Ethical Business Practices: Function as an ethical practitioner in the sport industry.
  8. Applied and Practical Knowledge: Demonstrate advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies in a practical (internship) sport organizational setting.

Methods of Assessment

  • Internship Site Supervisor Evaluation (1-6)
  • Course-Related Evidence - Student Portfolio (1-6)
  • Course-Related Evidence - Master’s Thesis or Master’s Paper (1-6)
  • Advisory Board and Employer Survey (1-6)
  • Alumni Survey (1-6)
  • Exit Interviews (1-6)

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