Public Health, B.S. Student Learning Outcomes

College Health and Human Sciences
Major Public Health
Degree B.S.
Date Revised April 2019

Student Learning Outcomes and Proposed Methods for Collecting Data (from Assessment Plan)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the determinants of public health outcomes and health disparities.
  2. Describe the organization of the health care system and the relationship of that system to the broader social, political and economic environment.
  3. Design and evaluate solutions to public health problems based on community needs assessment.
  4. Apply fundamental statistical concepts and techniques to the evaluation of health information and perform elementary research analyses.
  5. Identify and apply the Essential Public Health Services.
  6. Describe the influence of the environment on health.
  7. Apply appropriate research methods to a public health problem.
  8. Communicate effectively about public health issues, both orally and in writing 

Methods of Assessment

  • Course-embedded: Biostats project (4)
  • Course-embedded: Core Functions Awareness Survey (5)
  • Course-embedded: Environmental Health Project (6)
  • Course-embedded: Health Disparities Awareness Survey (1)
  • Capstone: Final Group Program Plan (3,8)
  • Internship Performance (1-4,7)
  • Alumni survey (1-8)  

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