Public Administration, M.P.A. Student Learning Outcomes

College Liberal Arts and Sciences
Major Public Administration
Degree M.P.A.
Date Revised 2017-2018

Student Learning Outcomes and Proposed Methods for Collecting Data (from Assessment Plan)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Effectively work with diverse internal and external stakeholders.
  2. Motivate peers and employees to enhance organizational capacity.
  3. Integrate current and preferred management practices of budgeting, human resources, information technology, statistical analysis, and performance measurement to improve organizations.
  4. Use strategic management to facilitate goal identification and execution.
  5. Apply decision-making theories to frame and solve public service problems.
  6. Effectively participate in the public policy process in a role appropriate to a professional public manager.
  7. Conduct environmental scans and identify the windows of opportunity to influence decisions.
  8. Evaluate public service issues in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, equity and economy.
  9. Incorporate professional codes of ethics in public service decision-making to enhance integrity of public services.
  10. Communicate effectively both orally (public speaking) and in writing (analytical and persuasive) for a public service organization and in the public policy process.
  11. Understand and listen critically to diverse perspectives to address public service issues.
  12. Identify strategies for improving democratic accountability in governance, including improved transparency and civic participation.
  13. Develop or adapt policies, programs, goods or services to accommodate changing social demographics for the population they serve.

Methods of Assessment

  • Competencies Assessment Inventory (CAI) (1-13)
  • Intern Supervisors Competencies Assessment Inventory (CAI) (1-13)
  • Culminating Capstone Activity (1-13)
  • Oral Comprehensive Exam (1-13)
  • Exit Interviews (1-13)
  • Employer Survey (1-13)
  • Department Data (1-13)
  • Alumni Survey (1-13)

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