Political Science, Ph.D. Student Learning Outcomes

College Liberal Arts and Sciences
Major Political Science
Degree Ph.D.
Date Revised 2017-2018

Student Learning Outcomes and Proposed Methods for Collecting Data (from Assessment Plan)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate competency in research methodology necessary for conducting original scholarship in the field of Political Science.
  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to competently write in a manner consistent with professional norms in the discipline.
  3. Students will demonstrate both substantive and theoretical knowledge in at least one subfield of Political Science.
  4. Students will demonstrate teaching effectiveness sufficient for employment at institutions of higher education.
  5. Students will demonstrate the ability to submit/present their research in a professional forum.
  6. Students will complete a doctoral thesis that: (a) Demonstrates the ability to conduct original scholarship and make a meaningful contribution to the field of Political Science, and (b) Demonstrates their preparedness for employment in either the public or private sectors.

Methods of Assessment

  • Presentation of Original Research at an Academic Conference/Academic Publication (1, 2, 3, 5)
  • Receipt of Professional Awards or Scholarships related to Academic Accomplishments or Original Research (1-6)
  • Candidacy Exams (2, 3)
  • Doctoral Thesis Rubric (1-6)
  • Graduate Instructor Form (3, 4)
  • Teaching Assistant Evaluation Form (3, 4)

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