Operations and Information Management, B.S. Student Learning Outcomes

College Business
Major Operations and Information Management
Degree B.S.
Date Revised 2017-2018

Student Learning Outcomes and Proposed Methods for Collecting Data (from Assessment Plan)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Processes: To Provide the Student with the Knowledge to Manage Business Processes; Conceptualization: The student will conceptualize business as a collection of processes; Process Evaluation: The student will illustrate proficiency with business process evaluation; Process Improvement: The student will exhibit the ability to improve business processes.
  2. Technology: To Provide the Student with the Knowledge to Apply Information Technology Effectively; Hardware: The Student will display the knowledge of hardware technology; Software: The student will display the knowledge of software technology; Data: The student will display the knowledge of data technology; Networking: The student will display the knowledge of network technology.
  3. Managing Projects: To Provide Students with Experience in Solving Business Problems; Project Management: The student will demonstrate an ability to manage a project; Project Integration: The student will be able to improve processes through the application of information technology appropriately.

Methods of Assessment

  • Body of Knowledge Exam (1-6)
  • Exit Survey of Graduates (1-6)
  • Internship Performance (1-6)
  • Alumni Survey (1-6)
  • Faculty Review (1-6)
  • Executive Advisory Council (1-6)

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