Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Student Learning Outcomes

College Engineering and Engineering Technology
Major Mechanical Engineering
Degree M.S.
Date Revised January 23, 2021

Student Learning Outcomes and Proposed Methods for Collecting Data (from Assessment Plan)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply advanced analytical and computational techniques to engineering problems.
  2. Design a system, component, or process to meet desired objectives in one of the specialty areas: applied mechanics, computer-aided design & manufacturing, thermal-fluid systems, vibrations, dynamics & control systems.
  3. Identify, formulate, and solve complex engineering problems.
  4. Conduct research in one of the specialty areas.
  5. Communicate effectively.
  6. Demonstrate professional and ethical responsibility.
  7. Use modern engineering experimental and computational tools at a level appropriate for advanced analysis and design.

Methods of Assessment

  • Course Level Program Outcome Assessment (1-3,7)
  • MS Thesis/Project (MEE 699/697) (1, 3-7)
  • Exit Survey (1-7)
  • Alumni Survey (1-7)
  • Employer Survey (1-7)

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