Health Sciences, Ph.D. Student Learning Outcomes

College Health and Human Sciences
Major Health Sciences
Degree Ph.D.
Date Revised October 2018

Student Learning Outcomes and Proposed Methods for Collecting Data (from Assessment Plan)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply in-depth multidisciplinary knowledge to a defined area in health and human sciences.
  2. Demonstrate professional integrity in the execution of the roles of educator and researcher.
  3. Design, conduct, and analyze the results of original research.
  4. Disseminate new knowledge and, as appropriate, assess the application of that knowledge to professional practice.
  5. Demonstrate the interdisciplinary communication skills necessary to function effectively in today’s academic and professional environment.  

Methods of Assessment

  • Research Prospectus Assignment in UHHS 710 (1)
  • Conceptual Research Project in UHHS 720 (1)
  • Self-Report Survey in UHHS 760 (2)
  • Narrated Virtual presentation in UHHS 710 (1, 5)
  • Live Virtual Presentation in UHHS 730 (1, 5)
  • Research Ethics Milestone (2)
  • Candidacy Examination – Analysis of Issue/Problem (1)
  • Candidacy Examination – Research (3)
  • Dissertation (1-5)
  • Annual Review of Student Progress (3-5)
  • Alumni Survey (1-5) 

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