Engineering Technology, B.S. Student Learning Outcomes

College Engineering and Engineering Technology
Major Engineering Technology
Degree B.S.
Date Revised March 8, 2021

Student Learning Outcomes and Proposed Methods for Collecting Data (from Assessment Plan)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate well-balanced knowledge of the theory and practice in the areas of technology.
  2. Seek and apply creative and analytical insight into the solution of engineering-type problems.
  3. Utilize technical communications in both oral and written forms.
  4. Utilize laboratory-based skills and modern engineering equipment used in industry.
  5. Demonstrate leadership and management abilities through teamwork and projects.

Methods of Assessment

  • Assignments, projects, quizzes, and exams (1-5)
  • Capstone (senior projects) experience (1-5)
  • Student course survey (1-5)
  • Senior exit survey/interview (1-5)
  • Internship survey (intern) (1-5)
  • Internship survey (employer) (1-5)
  • Alumni survey (1-5)

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