Business Administration, M.B.A. Student Learning Outcomes

College Business
Major Business Administration
Degree M.B.A.
Date Revised 2024

Student Learning Outcomes and Proposed Methods for Collecting Data (from Assessment Plan)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate business acumen and analytical skills: NIU MBA graduates will identify the impact of a problem on the relevant areas of business presented; develop a plan and utilize the resources from the relevant disciplines to bring about a solution optimal to all aspects of the organization; and derive a solution and/or interpret the final results. 
  2. Communicate with impact: NIU MBA graduates will make compelling professional oral presentations that are organized, structured and free of errors; and write in a manner that is compelling, organized, structured and free of errors.
  3. Assess key leadership skills, traits, styles, processes across various contexts and their own abilities related to each: NIU MBA graduates will recognize characteristics of effective leadership; identifies the contingencies of effective leadership, particularly with respect to different contexts; and assess their own abilities related to effective leadership (e.g., skills, traits, styles, and processes).
  4. Identify ethical issues and the implications on business, society and individuals: NIU MBA graduates will identify ethical dilemmas; identify the potential impact of the dilemma on the business, society, and individuals; develop possible action that could be taken in the situation; and demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities of a leader’s role as it relates to the ethical dilemma.
  5. Assess global impact on business decisions: NIU MBA graduates will identify global factors; demonstrate a clear understanding of the increasing scope and influence of global business; and apply global business analysis in decision-making.

Format Specific Competencies

Executive MBA - Evaluate strategies aligned with internal and external conditions to achieve long-term organizational success: NIU Executive MBA graduates will identify the critical internal strengths and external conditions of the organization; evaluate strategies in line with internal and external conditions; evaluate performance metrics indicating long-term organizational success; and use analysis tools appropriate to situation and apply correctly.

Global MBA - Derive insights from data to inform global business decisions: NIU Global MBA graduates will demonstrate awareness of cultural competencies and blind spots, evaluate quality and potential biases; choose appropriate data analytic tools and methods to address the question; and think critically about how the results of data analysis inform global business decisions.

One Year MBA - Evaluate plans to bring a new product or service to market within an organization: NIU One Year MBA graduates will identify all stakeholders of a firm and prioritize stakeholders’ importance to the firm; assess market feasibility of a new product/service; and assess financial feasibility of a new product/service.

Online MBA - Identify and respond to opportunities: NIU Online MBA students will identify possible opportunities; analyze social, environmental, economic impact, and sustainability; and assess general and financial feasibility of opportunities.

Methods of Assessment

  • Direct: MBA Body of Knowledge Exam
  • Direct: MBA Situational Judgement Exam
  • Indirect: MBA Alumni Survey
  • Indirect: MBA Advisory Board
  • Benchmark: GMAC Research and Industry Reports
  • Benchmark: Eduvantis Market Analysis Reports

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