Art History and Visual Studies, B.A. Student Learning Outcomes

College Visual and Performing Arts
Major Art History and Visual Studies
Degree B.A.
Date Revised February 2019

Student Learning Outcomes and Proposed Methods for Collecting Data (from Assessment Plan)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and explain the significance of major works of art created in Europe, North America, and Asia at various periods from Antiquity to the late twentieth century.
  2. Familiarity with selected global visual cultures.
  3. Recognize, understand, and apply various art historical methods for critically evaluating the intersections of art production with other aspects of historical and social development within particular cultures.
  4. Identify and develop appropriate research topics and questions.
  5. Organize and express thoughts clearly and coherently both in writing and orally

Methods of Assessment

  • ARTH 282, 292, 294 Unit Tests (1, 2)
  • ARTH 300 Tests (1-3)
  • ARTH 300 Term Paper (3-5)
  • ARTH 400 Term Paper with Presentations (3-5)
  • Capstone Sequence, Part 1, ARTH 486 (1-3)
  • Capstone Sequence, Part 2, ARTH 494 (4, 5)
  • Alumni Survey (1-5)

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