Our education and training programs support students, faculty and staff. Our office has evolved by developing a comprehensive social justice framework that supports equity-minded practice, uses data to build an inclusive community and closes academic equity gaps for underrepresented populations.

Social Justice Education Program

Our training, events and resources help students, faculty and staff learn about social justice issues and promote anti-racism in our community.

Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Prevention Training

Learn more about the required annual Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Prevention Training for students and employees. 

Huskie Conversation Café Podcast

The Huskie Conversation Café Podcast features conversations about NIU’s Common Reading Experience book, “When They Call You A Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir.”

Diversity Dialogue Series

Participate in the Diversity Dialogue Series to find ways to create positive change and solve problems together.

Conversations on Diversity and Equity (CODE) Workshops

Discover workshops on general diversity concepts and gain a stronger understanding of identities through Conversations on Diversity+Equity (CODE) Workshops.

Implicit Bias

Our implicit bias training emphasizes best practices for diversity in NIU's hiring. 

People’s Organizing Weekend Empowerment Retreat (POWER)

The People’s Organizing Weekend Empowerment Retreat (POWER) empowers student activists to enhance their community organizing skills.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Faculty Toolkit

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Faculty Toolkit helps faculty create dialogue in the classroom, provides inclusive statements for syllabi and offers resources on culturally responsive teaching.


The staff of Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have curated a list of resources to enhance knowledge and equity-minded practices.    


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