Research opens doors to new ideas. When conducting research, the potential to make a contribution to your field of study is significant. As part of our commitment to undergraduate research and civic engagement, we encourage exploration in areas important to the advancement of civil society. 

You can conduct research on a Nonprofit and NGO Studies-related topic that is meaningful to you, such as: nongovernmental organizations, philanthropy, connection to the public sector, volunteerism, service learning, community development, poverty alleviation or leadership. Nonprofit and NGO Studies serves as a resource for students, faculty and researchers to assist exploratory, descriptive and causal investigations

NIU offers several opportunities for undergraduate research and artistry including Research RookiesUSOAR, and our Summer Research Opportunities Program. In addition to NIU's research programs, Nonprofit and NGO Studies faculty and staff are in the process of developing a research agenda focused on practical priorities central to the nongovernmental sector.

To learn more about the benefits of conducting research or for more information on how Nonprofit and NGO Studies may assist your research endeavors, email