Major in Nonprofit and NGO Studies


One of the only freestanding, interdisciplinary undergraduate degree programs of its kind in the United States, our Nonprofit and NGO Studies program prepares students to work in nonprofit organizations or in the fields of philanthropy, public service or community engagement. The hands-on program draws from diverse disciplines such as sociology, public administration, anthropology and political science.

The degree is designed to match your interests and helps you connect classroom learning with real-world experiences. Students use class projects, research opportunities, internships and study abroad programs to gain firsthand knowledge of how and why community organizations operate and make a lasting impact. A Nonprofit and NGO Studies degree will lead you on a pathway to a career in the nonprofit sector, one of the fastest-growing job sectors in the United States. Typical graduates pursue careers in the public and nonprofit sectors in administration, program delivery, development/fundraising, volunteer management, and other exciting areas.

About the Nonprofit and NGO Studies Major

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