About Nonprofit and NGO Studies


As an interdisciplinary, the Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies serves nonprofit leaders, researchers, students and faculty, we represent a wide range of disciplines. Through three distinct areas, Nonprofit and NGO Studies works to strengthen the nonprofit sector:


Our interdiscipinary approach allows students to benefit from diverse course offerings through the following programs:


We encourage students and faculty to participate in original research and provide assistance with exploratory, descriptive and causal investigations. Through our center, we offer:

  • Opportunities and support for undergraduate student research and artistry
  • Assistance to faculty and scholars that are investigating nongovernmental organizations
  • Resources for original research on NGOs, philanthropy, service-learning, volunteerism, social change and leadership

Community Engagement and Outreach

Through the following Nonprofit and NGO Studies programs, our students, staff and community benefit from our focus on service.