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Combining different disciplines, theory and real-life practice is what we do at the Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies. Through the Nonprofit and NGO Studies major, minor and certificate we offer NIU students with all different talents, passions and experiences the ability to learn about the nonprofit and NGO worlds and make a difference in their communities. We are supported by and collaborate with nonprofit communities both locally and regionally, and offer our students opportunities to explore diverse service organizations and find their niche in the world.

Need an Intern?

Our undergraduate students make great temporary or project-focused employees. If you would like to mentor a student at your nonprofit organization, please reach out to us at We will help you create a project or position description and share the opportunity with our students.

Making a Difference

Read how our students have been making a big difference in the lives of people across DeKalb County by working in paid internships or on teams within the 40Tude Nonprofit program.

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