Electronic Reserves (eReserves)

Faculty (whether or not they use Blackboard) can request certain materials from the library to be placed on electronic reserve. Those resources can be made available to students via a link from within Blackboard or directly using a link provided by the library. In both cases, the resources will be password protected, in accordance with copyright requirements.

After the semester has ended, the link will be made unavailable and cannot be used for subsequent semesters. If faculty plan to use the same materials again, they will need to request a new Blackboard course for that semester and submit a new request to the library. 

Request a Blackboard course 

Whether or not Blackboard will be used in a course, the faculty member must request the course in Blackboard in order to use eReserves. Click here to learn more about requesting a course in Blackboard with the Blackboard Faculty Tools (BFT).

Make your Blackboard course available

After the course has been requested, it needs to be made available so that students can access eReserves materials. Click here to learn how to make Blackboard courses available

Place materials on electronic reserve at the library

Complete details regarding submitting full-text electronic reserve requests are available on the library's eReserves page

After requesting for materials to be placed on electronic reserve, the faculty member will be notified via email once reserve materials have been secured.

Use eReserves without using Blackboard

If Blackboard will not be used for the course, the library can provide a direct link to the materials. Students will need to use their Z-ID and password to access the eReserves.

Add a link in Blackboard to electronic reserve materials

To add a link within a Blackboard course to the eReserves, use the eReserves tool in the Control Panel. This will add an eReserves link to the course menu.

Note: You must remove and recreate the eReserves menu link after a course copy, for students to be able to access the articles. Otherwise, the menu link will direct students to the former semester eReserves list, and students will be denied access. 

Screenshot highlighting how to add a link to ereserves in the course menu

From the Control Panel click Course Tools, then click eReserves >in the adjacent window click Create Menu Link.  A link will automatically appear in the Course Menu after clicking this.



Last updated: 01/24/2018