Mashups allow viewing and sharing of media content from external web sites.  Currently, these websites include:   

  • Flickr Photo - enables users to upload videos to a streaming server and embed within Blackboard (available in the Text-Box Editor only)
  • SlideShare - enable users to share presentations
  • YouTube - enables users to share videos
  • xpLor Content  - enables users to share content with colleagues and institutions globally
  • Helix Media Library - enables users to upload videos to a streaming server and embed within Blackboard (available in the Text-Box Editor only)


Mashups can be added as course content through any Content Area or added through the Text-Box Editor located through a Blackboard course. Adding a Mashup into a Content Area makes it a part of the course information that faculty members present to users for viewing. Adding a Mashup using the Text-Box Editor means that faculty members can put Mashups in a variety of places where users can interact with the content, such as in test questions, Discussion Boards, and Blogs.

Mashups can be displayed in the following ways:

  • Embedded Presentation: The Mashup displays directly on the page when a student opens the item.
  • Thumbnail: A small picture of the Mashup displays on the page with controls to launch it.
  • Text Link with Player: A link to the Mashup is displayed on the page. Students click the link to launch the Mashup.


Last updated: 9/26/2017

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