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Reserves will put up to 10% of an item up on Electronic Reserves. If a larger percentage is desired, the requesting faculty member might consider placing the entire work on Print Reserves.

A larger percentage of the work can go up if the requesting faculty member is the copyright owner, or if the requesting faculty member has obtained written permission from the copyright owner to post a larger percentage, a copy of which will need to be on file at the Reserves office. This percentage of the work shall be defined by the copyright owner.

Larger percentages can be used for works that are in the public domain, in which case Reserves will provide a link to those works.

The following may not be placed on E-Reserves: Readings available as course packs at the campus bookstore, consumables (such as workbooks), or unpublished works by anyone other than the requesting faculty member (unless the requesting faculty member has obtained written permission, which also needs to be on file at the Reserves office).

Please note that when written permission is obtained from copyright holders, that is on a one-semester basis. If the requesting faculty member wants to keep an item on Reserves longer than one semester, written permission will need to be obtained from the copyright holder again.

The Reserves Services Unit reserves the right to decline a request if we feel it violates our reserve policy or our guidelines for copyright and fair use.

Placing Readings on Reserves

In addition to this page, procedures, forms, and deadlines for submitting readings can be found in the Reserves Processing and Maintenance Room (Room 139) of Founders Memorial Library.

Requests are processed in the order that they are received. Lists submitted by the deadline are given the highest priority. Lists submitted after the deadline may require one to two weeks of processing time before the items can be posted.

Physical materials can be dropped off in Room 139 of Founders Memorial Library. Reserve reading requests can also be submitted on the standard form that is available from the Reserve Room. The completed form may be mailed or dropped off at Room 139, or the Circulation Desk in Founders Memorial Library.

Reserve material requests for the branch libraries should be sent to the appropriate branch library.

Please submit the course syllabus for each course for which Reserves items are being requested.

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