The General Education Committee

The current review cycle was approved by the GEC on January 19, 2012

GEC Course Review Cycle

Courses are reviewed for approval for General Education credit on an eight-year cycle


Category                                                 Projected

Humanities and Arts            2006-2008    '14-16    '20-22    '26-28

Interdisciplinary                  2010-2011    '16-17    '22-23    '28-29

Social Sciences                    2011-2012    '17-18    '23-24    '29-30

Science and Mathematics     2012-2013    '18-19    '24-25    '30-31

Core Competency                2013-2014    '19-20    '25-26    '31-32


When a course is due for review it must be assessed by the individual faculty/departments using the procedures contained in the resubmission forms.

These forms ask for information on the extent to which the learning outcomes are achieved by the individual courses. The instructor/department provides information on the relationship of the course objectives to the general education goals, methods used to assess the course objectives, results of the assessment, and how the results are used to improve attainment of the course objectives by the students.

Approval of the resubmission by the General Education Committee indicates success in meeting the specific goals described by the department.