The General Education Committee

Committee Responsibilities

The General Education Committee is responsible for the oversight of the General Education Program and is a standing committee of the University (Bylaws Article 14.6.3). The voting members of the committee consist of a constituency of faculty members from all NIU colleges with undergraduate degree programs, and three undergraduate students. As part of its responsibilities, the committee reviews and revises the program goals as needed. In addition, the committee selects courses for the program that are consistent with the general education goals. For inclusion in the program, courses must be submitted for a comprehensive review by the committee, using the General Education Course Submission/Resubmission Form.

2012-2013 Members

Carolyn Vander Schee UCC Faculty  
Katja Wiemer UCC Faculty  
Len Lundstrum Business
Marc VanOverbeke Education
Brianno Coller Engineering & Eng. Technology
Josephine Umoren  Health and Human Sciences
Wei Luo Liberal Arts & Sciences - Social Sciences
Dhiman Chakraborty Liberal Arts & Sciences - Natural Sciences
David Gorman Liberal Arts & Sciences – Humanities - CHAIR
Edward Klonoski, Jr. Visual & Performing Arts
Unknown Student
Unknown Student
Unknown Student

Anne Birberick Vice Provost
Michael Kolb General Education Coordinator
Christopher Jones  Assoc. Vice Prov. for Academic Outcomes Assessment