University Insurance

Who is Covered?

General university insurance policies are purchased to cover the actions of faculty, staff and volunteers working within the scope of employment or acting on behalf of the university with written permission. Sanctioned student actions/activities are also afforded coverage when activities are part of a student’s academic requirements or when acting on behalf of the university with written permission.

Student groups may be afforded coverage if the group is:

  • recognized by Student Association
  • has a university-employed advisor
  • has financial backing from the university and/or the university has decision-making authority over the group

For off-campus student events, coverage under university insurance may only be considered if NIU is the contracting and signing authority for any venue, catering or other agreement necessary. Any agreement must go through the contracting office within Procurement Services.

Personal Property

The university does not assume responsibility for any loss or theft of, or damage to, an individual’s personal property brought onto university premises or university-leased premises, even if the property is brought in to be used in connection with work or education. Individuals are encouraged to review their insurance policies to confirm coverage for personal property. Students and staff residing on campus are encouraged to procure renters insurance as the university assumes no liability for items housed on campus. If you are in need of renters insurance, such is available through CampusConnexions (a university-approved third-party provider).
  • Select Northern Illinois University from the “Campus Connexions – Home” drop-down box and wait for the page to load.
  • Go to the Products tab at the top, and select the desired coverage to be taken to the application.
  • A quote is issued on the spot, and payment by credit card is accepted. It makes for very simple and quick transactions for affordable insurance policies.
The university does not assume responsibility for damage to personal vehicles while parked on university grounds unless damage was unintentionally caused by a university employee while working within the scope of his or her employment. If you feel your vehicle was damaged by an employee’s negligence, please complete the incident form. Payment or reimbursement is not guaranteed, but RM will conduct a brief investigation into the accident and recommend reimbursement if warranted.

Types of Coverages

The university procures several commercial insurance policies for the benefit of the institution as a whole.

Property Insurance

This includes coverage for structures, scheduled fine arts, business interruption and scheduled contents. Property values are assessed each year, and all buildings over $1,000,000 in value are on a five-year rotational schedule for appraisals.

General Liability Insurance

This includes coverage for bodily injury, third-party property damage (only covers personal property as required in a contract), personal and advertising injury and other exposures.

Educator’s Legal Liability Insurance

This includes coverage for employment practices, failure to educate claims, discrimination claims, state agency findings (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Office of the Executive Inspector General) and others.

Liquor Liability Insurance

This includes coverage for university-sanctioned events at which liquor will be sold or served on a host basis.

Foreign Liability Insurance

This includes emergency coverage and liability insurance for university personnel traveling as part of their job responsibilities.


This includes liability and third-party property coverage for unmanned aerial vehicles operated on behalf of the university. Such drones may or may not be owned by the university, but operation must be in connection with university business (educational opportunities, research, surveying, etc.).

Several other policies are procured on an as-needed basis when coverage gaps arise. The primary examples would be professional liability policies, ranging from legal to medical malpractice.

Auto Insurance

Use of personal vehicles for business

Employees who use their personal vehicles for business use will be required to use their personal auto insurance as primary coverage.  

State of Illinois drivers and fleet rental/usage – Transportation Services 

Wheel Club drivers – Athletics Business Office