Parking Pay Stations

There are several parking pay stations on campus. You can use them to purchase either timed parking in a specific area or a daily visitor permit that allows you to park in any campus lot. Pay stations accept bills and coins, as well as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards.

Be sure to:

  • Enter your three-digit parking space number correctly in spaces that require you to do so.
  • Display a person with disabilities license plate/placard if you park in a space reserved for persons with disabilities.
  • Take your receipt with you. You don’t need to display it in your vehicle.

Timed Parking

Paying for timed parking at a pay station allows you to park in the designated lot or space for the specified time. The fee is $1.20 per hour for up to four hours. You can add additional time if needed.

Visitor Permits

You can use a pay station to purchase a visitor permit for $6. A visitor permit allows you to park in any campus lot, except for in reserved spaces or service spaces. Your permit will expire at 11:59 p.m. the day the visitor permit is purchased.


Recreation Center

Recreation Center Parking Pay StationThe parking pay station at the Recreation Center is located at the main entrance.


Anderson Hall

Anderson Hall Parking Pay StationThe parking pay station at Anderson Hall is located at the southeast end of the building.


Peters Campus Life Building

Campus Life Building Parking Pay StationThe parking pay station at the Peters Campus Life Building is located at the east side of the building.


Visitor Pay Lot

Campus Life Building Parking Pay StationThere are two parking pay stations at the Visitor Pay Lot. The first is located near the entrance to the lot, with the second pay station being located at the North end.


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