Parking Lot Changes for 2023-2024

After conducting extensive lot utilization surveys over the past year, and considering additional factors such as remote working, hybrid/online courses, and the need for additional short-term parking options, Parking Services is making changes over the summer. Given the more regular use of remote working for some faculty and staff, select lots are being merged to allow both faculty/staff and commuter student access on a first come first served basis. This change is expected to increase parking options for commuter students.

As a reminder, faculty/staff are eligible for blue permits and commuter students are eligible for yellow permits. Lots that are designated on the map and on signage as striped blue and yellow indicate that the lot is mixed, allowing both permit types to park in any regular parking space throughout the lot. As always, please be mindful of signage when parking. The below changes are being implemented for the 2023-2024 school year.

Lot Name Lot Location Changes Being Implemented
Lot 3 South of Jack Arends and the Music Building Will allow blue and yellow virtual permits. AIMS Mobile Pay (AMP) will also be added to this lot for those that need short-term parking.
Lot 5 Peters Campus Life Building This lot will be split into two parking areas. Lot 5A will be for blue virtual permits and is the smaller portion of the lot directly North of the building. Lot 5 will be the large portion on the East side of the building and will allow blue and yellow virtual permits.
Lot 12 East Lagoon/Montgomery Hall Will allow blue and yellow virtual permits. AMP will be replacing the coin meters for those who need short-term parking.
Lots 20/C Large lot East of Chick Evans Fieldhouse Lots 20 and C will be merged to create one lot renamed lot C. It will allow blue and yellow virtual permits.
Lots 40/A East of the Engineering Building Lots 40 and A will be merged to create one lot renamed lot A. It will allow blue and yellow virtual permits. AMP will be added for those who need short-term parking.

Student Resident Permits

Virtual permits are issued based on the residence hall a student lives in. Learn more about student resident permits.

Residence Hall Virtual Permit Color Parking Lot Locations
Gilbert Brown Lot V and brown lots on the west side of campus
Neptune Purple Level 5 (including ramp) of parking garage and purple lots on the west side of campus
Grant/Patterson/Stevenson Orange Orange lots on the west side of campus

Additional Parking Lot Changes

Effective Sept. 14, 2023

The following lot changes will be effective immediately and will be posted requiring parking permits at all times or the use of pay parking. Vehicles that do not have a valid permit or have not utilized pay parking will be at risk of being towed.

  • 15E – Recreation Center
  • 26S – south of Lincoln Hall
  • NV – Northern View
  • L – south of the Barsema Alumni and Visitor Center

Effective Oct. 16, 2023

Lot 44 (north of Barsema Hall) will be a blue permit parking lot and will also have AMP Mobile Pay as a parking option.

Effective Nov. 6, 2023

Lot S (South of Child Care) the most southern row in this parking lot will be for blue permit holders only and the remainder of the lot will be for blue and yellow permit holders only.

Additional AMP Mobile Pay Locations

As we transition away from single-head coin-operated meters, we will be replacing those meters in most cases with mobile pay parking and expanding mobile pay parking in other areas to accommodate those with short-term parking needs. AMP signs will have the parking/zone location to assist customers in choosing the proper location when purchasing parking. Learn more about AMP Mobile Pay and view a short video that shows you how mobile pay works. View the list of AMP parking locations, including some new locations.

The below lots are new AMP parking locations. Signs will say "zone" instead of "lot". When AMP parking is purchased, customers can park their vehicle in any regular space in the respective parking lot, except for Zone Altgeld (dedicated spaces between Altgeld and Lowden Halls) and Zone HSC (dedicated spaces in bus turnaround).

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