Marshall Scholarship Application Timeline

You can begin your application for a Marshall Scholarship your junior or senior year. You can also apply as a recent graduate or graduate student. To get started, review the eligibility criteria and frequently asked questions.

Tasks and Due Dates

Tasks Due Dates Notes
Attend information sessions Jan. 16-20  
Submit campus application Feb. 7 Visit the institutional endorsement page for more details on the campus application.
Write first draft of personal statement Feb. 21 Write a statement describing your academic interests and other pursuits (1,000 words). 
Request letters of recommendation Week of Feb. 21 Ask professors for letters.
Write first draft of post-scholarship plans March 7 300 words
Write about your proposed academic program   March 14 Describe your proposed academic program, explaining your choice of university and courses. Discuss proposed research, if applicable (500 words).
Write leadership statement   March 21 Write about a time you were working with a group of people and you saw and responded to a need for leadership (500 words).
Write about ambassador potential   March 28 Explain why you want to study in the UK, how it would benefit you and how it could enhance the US-UK relationship (500 words).
Submit your final draft April 10  


National Fellowship Advising

Connie Storey, Associate Director of Scholarships and Fellowships

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