Goldwater Scholarship Application Timeline

You can begin your application for the Goldwater Scholarship your sophomore or junior year. To get started, review the eligibility criteria and guidance for applicants.

Tasks and Due Dates

Task Due Date Notes
Submit campus application Sept. 11-15 Submit an application to let us know of your interest. (Application includes past awards, research, professional aspirations, having a faculty sponsor/mentor)
Notification of application status Sept. 25  Applicants will be notified if they have received provisional institutional support.
Goldwater Pre-application Sept. 29 If students are approved to continue in the process, they will submit a pre-application to The information needed is similar to the campus application.
Letters of Recommendation Oct. 6 Identify two additional faculty to provide letters of recommendation.
Draft 1 of Research Essay Oct. 9 Work with faculty sponsor/advisor and submit the first draft of research essay
Draft 2 of Research Essay Oct. 23 Turn in second draft of research essay with substantial improvements based on feedback
Draft 3 of Research Essay Nov. 3 Turn in third draft of research essay for final edits and polishing.
Final Endorsement  Nov. 16 Students will be notified if they are approved to submit an application. Students who are endorsed should request official transcripts from Registration and Records.
Complete online questionnaire for Goldwater application Dec. 8 Submit the Goldwater application (online questionnaire, essay, 3 letters of recommendation, transcripts)


National Fellowship Advising

Connie Storey, Associate Director of Scholarships and Fellowships

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