SWORDS (Stigma at Work: Obesity, Race, Disability and other Stuff)

Members of SWORDS pursue research that relates to any form of stigma that may impact workers in some way.  Current and past projects have focused on obesity, race, gender, unattractiveness, LGBT, disability, anxiety, BDSM, and introversion. 

Most Recent Publications

Santuzzi, A., Keating, R., Martinez, J., Finkelstein, L., Rupp, D., & Strah, N. (2019). Uncovering antecedents and consequences of identity management strategies for workers with concealable disabilities, Journal of Social Issues, 75, 847-880.

Imose, R., & Finkelstein, L. (2018). A multi-level theoretical framework integrating diversity and emotional labor Group and Organization Management, 43, 718-751.

Contact Us

Lisa Finkelstein, Ph.D.
Psychology-Computer Science Building
Office: room 571
Lab: room 30

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