Prospective Students

Graduate Students

Students applying to join the Social – I/O graduate program with interests matching to those in Finklab should indicate their specific interests in their personal statement as part of their application.

I am happy to mentor interested students who have long-term goals of academic or applied work, students should realize that research is a major part of their graduate experience regardless of which paths they choose and should have a passion for it. 

Undergraduate Students

Strong undergraduate students who are eager to be involved in research as part of their undergraduate experience are welcome to apply to do an Independent Study (PSYC 485) or volunteer in the lab. 

Students will typically have the opportunity to work on a project that they design collaboratively with other undergraduates under the direction of a graduate student and present it at Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC) in the fall or Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day (URAD) in the spring.

Students should only inquire about these opportunities if their interests overlap with some of the Finklab activities and if they believe they have strong teamwork and time management skills. Completed Research Methods (PSYC 305) with a B or better is a plus.

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Lisa Finkelstein, Ph.D.
Psychology-Computer Science Building
Office: room 571
Lab: room 30

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