Lisa Finkelstein’s Lab (Finklab)

The members of Finklab are committed to quality research that (usually) focuses broadly on understanding how people perceive others and/or perceive themselves in different workplace situations and relationships, and the impact of these perceptions on those situations and relationships.

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We recognize the interplay of social and I/O psychology and ground research in theories of human social behavior, while concurring with Weiss and Rupp (2011), who declared “because of the importance of work to humans you cannot understand humans without understanding work” (p. 84).

We aim to be use-inspired, pursuing work that shares the goals of basic research (understanding), and applied research (potential to inform current problems in the world of work).

We are committed to programmatic research, yet open to new and interesting questions that fit in the scope of our work.

We are collaborative and helpful with all members of the lab and clearly communicate with members of our research team regarding authorship, roles and progress.

We regularly monitor the progress of each project. When we use lab resources (time, space, funds, effort), we put our best effort into seeing a project to fruition (presentation and publication). At the same time, we monitor progress and results and realistically assess whether a project that is stalled is worth continued resources/effort.

We strive to have fun with whatever we are doing.

Contact Us

Lisa Finkelstein, Ph.D.
Psychology-Computer Science Building
Office: room 571
Lab: room 30

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